The First World

Session Zero

Four Adventurers, Perra Norixius “Pious”, Talash, Nebulo, and Torbera Gorunn come to the city of Dragons Reach at the summons of an elven sage by the name of Andrew Silverleaf.

Silverleaf is looking for adventurers to seek out artifacts for them, and in exchange they can keep the other treasures they find on the way.

Silverleaf sends the party to the desert kingdom of Uldum to recover a shield made of a red dragons scale.

The party take the airship Stardust down to Uldum and are dropped off at Schnoltz’s Landing where they are instructed by Commander Schnottz to head north to the ruins of Orsis and The Temple of Uldum.

As they are travelling, they witness a Purple Worm emerging from the mountains along the west of Uldum and then burrowing back into the mountain side.

They reach Orsis as the sun goes down and set up camp


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